Get started for free.


Our pricing is designed for you to easily get up and running with Cosync to test it out with your Realm application and grow into higher plans when you’re ready.


How much does CosyncJWT cost?

Registration with the CosyncJWT is free. Developer applications with less than fifty users are also free, which should give a developer ample time to determine whether the service meets their needs.

Commercial applications cost one dollar per thousand users per month for the cloud version of CosyncJWT beyond the initial 5000.

For enterprise customers who do not want to pay a per user charge for authentication, we offer a self-hosted version of Cosync JWT that cost $1000 per year.

What is not included in technical support?

Interactive debugging with developers on their applications. Telephone or VOIP technical support.

What is the self-hosted version?

The cloud version of CosyncJWT stores an encrypted version of each application private RSA signing key. Only the public key is made available to the developer.

For those developers unable and unwilling to have a third party JWT provider store their private application keys, we will be offering a self-hosted version of the CosyncJWT service. This self hosted version can be hosted by the developer, but still perform all of the functions of the cloud version of CosyncJWT.

In addition, CosyncJWT provides functionality to export an applications settings and users to a private self hosted version. As such, developers can start to experiment with the cloud version of CosyncJWT to determine whether it provides the right solution to their needs and migrate to a self-hosted version at a later date.

Do you provide technical support?

If you are a registered CosyncJWT developer, we do provide email customer support. We will attempt to get back to you within 24 hours, with answers to your questions.

We update our service on a weekly basis, so if you find any bugs, please let us know and we will try to incorporate the fix in the next release.

Technical support is provided as long as you are registered CosyncJWT developer. Answering questions about how to use CosyncJWT Help with defects with any feature of CosyncJWT Timely updates with bug fixes for issues found.

We have endeavored to document the system in a most complete way. All of our documentation is available on this website.

Do you provide consulting services?

The short answer is yes, but the scope must be limited to help your developers get up to speed with the system, and possibly add special features to the product.

Services are typically limited to weekly efforts, as we do not provide extended full application development consulting. Also, any special features that are added to the CosyncJWT product will remain part of the CosyncJWT product.

We will not entertain contracts that seek to establish ownership over new features, and/or restrict the market of the CosyncJWT system from specific subject domains.